Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Bright geometry

Bright, cozy knitted sweaters in fun geometric patterns? Yes, please! These are handmade in Quebec by Shiliconfetti ($98-118). I think this one is my fave. I figure you wear one of these and people couldn't help but smile at you. They're just plain fun. 


catie said...

i clicked on the link, and these look SOOOOO much better with someone inside them {and toned-down with jeans & t-shirts}.
i actually worried that you'd gone off the 80s deep end, but now i get it : )
my fave is the one you picked ♥

Christina said...

I haven't gone of the 80's deep end...yet! Yes, these are definitely toned down with jeans and little to no accessories. I'm with you!

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