Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Interiors: Neutral Rustic

What these spaces lack in color, they make up in thoughtful details, organic texture, and rustic warmth. I'm especially smitten with the open shelving and cream colored dishes in the first kitchen as well as the mirror arrangement in the last bathroom. There's lots to love in these spaces, including those sweet succulents, don't you think?

1) skona hem via planet deco 2) penny farthing 3) desire to inspire 4) the design files 5) french by design 6) lonny 7) christopher baker 8) vintage house


Unknown said...

These are lovely details Christina. I always want to go modern and end up pulling in rustic pieces instead, haha. Love that last photo+ the succulents so much!

xo Mary Jo

catie said...

you always pick the loveliest spaces.
yes, swooning over the creamy dishes & the bathroom. i love how that shelf over the cooktop is treated almost like a fireplace mantel ♥

drollgirl said...

just fabulous. i love them! it's all in the details! and i especially love the creamy dreamy whites with the dark woods. i am a sucker for that combo!

i use a lot of exclamation points! how annoying!

Beth Price said...

I'm usually more of a fan of colourful interiors, but the rustic furniture and accessories definitely add a sense of warmth.

I love how bright and airy the bedroom looks!

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