Monday, April 2, 2012

Interiors: Soft Blush

Happy Monday! I'm currently traveling from Dallas to Raleigh and had a great weekend with my siblings. A few observations from my latest trip to Texas: I still think North Carolina BBQ is the best BBQ around (I realize these are fighting words for some of you, but I stand firm on this one); I love, love, love horseback riding but man am I sore, and cowboys are still my favorite. 
So how about the different use of soft pink in these interiors? I really like how the pink in the fourth image acts like a neutral while the pink in the second image helps soften a modern couch. It's a versatile color, no doubt. Which space is your favorite? 

images: 1) design*sponge 2) decor8 3) vtwonen 4) penny farthing 5) lonny 


Anna @ IHOD said...

Oh these are so lovely. All with an eclectic feel to them.
Hope you have a wonderful week Christina!

Unknown said...

I am warming up {no pun intended} more and more to blush, especially a light peachy one--so the bedroom one is my favorite, although the last photo is really pretty too.

p.s. in case you haven't stopped by we are having a Shopbop $100 giftcard giveaway today.

xo Mary Jo

kate said...

I love wall art collections!!

Jessica said...

I've never seen pink done with such a warm undertone to it.

Love that its brings pink out of the pastel/neon group and into a more adult atmosphere without looking granny :)

catie said...

love images one and three.
one: that lovely mix of art, and of course the table & chairs.
three: soft & modern. i love everything in the space, but that RUG!
i always love the spaces you find ♥

Hobnail and Brass said...

This is great, it really dispels the 80's fab "golden girls" association I have with decorating in blush. The photo with the concrete floors and minimalist fireplace is my fav.

Nicole said...

I'm behind in my blog reading so I'm just reading this post but NC BBQ is definitely the BEST there is! No doubt!! (paired with friend okra of course ;) )

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