Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Down and Out Beauty: Fool proof combinations

As a makeup artist I love to try new textures and techniques with makeup. I find myself always looking for that next big thing! All this searching keeps me on my toes and now I have a very long list of favorite makeup looks and color combinations.

Blue eyes/ copper shadow and Green eyes/ purple shadow:
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These color combos are all about using the color wheel and picking eye shadows that are opposite your eye color. Putting opposites together will bring the subtle nuances of your eye color forward and the color will appear much more saturated. The most common colors of blue eyes have orange as their opposite. Most people aren't going to be down with orange eye shadow so the next best thing is copper. Olive green eyes opposite is violet so you can pick any color from burgundy to royal blue to make your green eyes pop. This technique makes you feel beautiful with what you have not just that your makeup looks good.

Auburn hair/ grey eyeshadow:
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The combination is one of my favorites and is so under used. Christina Hendricks seems to use it more than any other makeup look and it does so much for her eye and skin color. The cool grey highlights her porcelain skin and makes her hair look even more ginger.

One all over color:
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Matching eye, lip, cheek and even nail color is so simple but somehow looks like you've put so much thought into into your makeup. I like using either apricot or champagne shades for monochromatic makeup.

Deep skin tone/ bright cheek:
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It just doesn't get more beautiful than dark skin with a pop of color on the cheeks. If you have combination or oily skin you may want to stick to matte colors to keep unwanted shine down. Having such a bright cheek means you can be quite light on the rest of your makeup. Just add some mascara and a glossy lip and you'll look very put together.

- Layne
Layne is a licensed aesthetician and makeup artist working at Urban Sanctuary in Athens, GA. She writes the makeup and beauty column, Down and Out Beauty. Click here to read her previous posts. 


kate said...

The photo of Christina Hendricks just gave me so much inspiration for my makeup! Love!!

NauticalWheeler said...

Love the idea of copper eye shadow! I wonder if different color mascara would help too? like brown vs. black.

From Brooklyn with love,


Beach House Living said...

Copper shadow sounds interesting to try.

drollgirl said...

these looks (and these women, damn them) are SO FREAAAAAKING GORGEOUS!!!! i need a makeup update! stat.

Megan said...

Nice color combos for the face. Have any suggestions for the pale brown-eyed girl with dark hair? =)

Layne said...

Megan, pale skin and whiskey brown eyes is such a beautiful combo and pretty rare. I love a bronze smokey eye for light brown eyes but if you like color, go with teal. Think of the colors in a peacock feather. They would be beautiful on you.

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