Thursday, December 1, 2011

Wish list 12.1.11

I'm really not trying to bore you to death with my wish list today. The bottom line is, I'm in need of some basic tops! Since I think certain family members might be looking at the blog for ideas (wink, wink), I thought I'd include some items I could really use. Let there be no doubt, my first pick is definitely the St. James shirt. And if you're thinking to yourself, "doesn't she own enough striped stuff already" my response to you is, no, no I don't. I need this shirt in my life. NEED.


Diana said...

i own two saint james shirt (the lucien and meriden) and I couldn't recommend them more. They are a uniform and the best part is i can throw them in the wash and dryer and they can take the little laundry beating and still hold shape.

(sorry, such a bad influence!)

Sécia Mischke said...

Great sweater.

♥ sécia

Samantha said...

Love stripes.

D said...

these are my staples. i own all three and wear one of them just about everyday. so i say - they are bananas -not boring!



Anonymous said...

Sailor tops...ooooh :) They are definitely a requisite of a lady's style arsenal. They are immeasurably versatile & timeless.

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