Monday, October 17, 2011

Raw Denim, Yay or Nay?

I had an interesting conversation with a friend this weekend regarding raw denim (a.k.a dry denim). This friend mentioned that she's looking for a pair of jeans to invest in. Something she'll splurge on and not have to replace for a long time. She's a fan of raw denim which makes sense if you're looking for jeans that you'll break in to conform nicely to your shape and that will last the test of time. I've never worn raw denim so I'm curious if you have an if you wouldn't mind sharing your experiences with it. Do you have a brand/style that you'd recommend? Tips for breaking them in?

Wondering what's up with the hefty price tags? I chose three options made in the USA. Check out these other options for under $100.


Anonymous said...

I love the new trend of raw denim. I don't think I'd want to break them in since they're a great alternative to work slacks for a casual business dress code. Yes, we can wear jeans, but most people wear nice jeans that don't have much wear and aren't too light in color.

S.E.Minegar said...

I am not sure if my jeans are "raw" or not, but I really like my dark jeans. The pairs I have purchased have had a warning that color will transfer even after a wash or two. I have a pair of matchsticks from JCREW and a longer bootcut pair from JOES. Each has stayed very nice and dark (minimal wear). I agree with the other comment that they make a "dressier" alternative to washed jeans. They look as nice as my cords (professional wise). A lot of trouser jeans are raw, I think, and they look as nice as dress pants.

Christina said...

good point about the wash of these jeans looking more professional and work appropriate. i definitely agree!

the gardener's cottage said...

i love raw denim. you are right, it conforms to your body type. my favorite's are levi capital e. here's the deal, you don't wash them. i know. i've had a pair for 3 years that i've never washed.

Rawr Denim said...

Great article & thanks for the link to our post! We're always interested as to whether or not raw denim has a strong appeal to women. Currently we're focused purely on men's raw denim but are considering expanding to include women's. If this is something that you think would interest you, we'd love to hear your thoughts at



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