Thursday, September 22, 2011

Art: C.S. Neal

I think this group of limited edition screenprints by C.S. Neal would make an awesome collection for my new office. I'd place them in black frames and hang them together and then wait as colleagues admire their pink awesomeness. I suppose "limited edition" means I need to get a move on it. Drats.
update: It has been brought to my attention that the tacos might look like something not so office appropriate. How did I miss that?! 

images: c.s. neal (found via eat drink chic)


sécia said...

The tacos are freaking me out a little but I love the color palette.

♥ sécia

rental mobil said...

Very nice, thanks for sharing.

Mary Jo at TrustYourStyle said...

These are so cute--love the tacos!

xo Mary Jo

MissBliss said...

these remind me of the eighties a bit...

love the ice cream and pretzel!

k.rahn said...

I like the pink pretzel - I am very much a pretzel lover. Must be the German girl in me. Happy Saturday!


franny said...

The tacos are freaking me out, too. Am I the only one who is thinking there might be a meaning to them that is not exactly office-friendly...?

Down and Out Chic said...

franny- oh my goodness, i hadn't quite thought of that. but now that you say something, maybe not office friendly after all :)

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