Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Guest Post: Modish

I'm feeling a little blue this summer... a dusty denim blue, to be specific! I'm not normally drawn to wearing blue of any sort really (I'm a very warm-toned gal), but we're painting my office a light blue right now and I love it! And I've found myself suddenly gravitating towards blue clothes and accessories now too, it's strange! But it's a specific dusty sort of blue that I like right now, a light blue with a bit of grey mystery, like the color of a summer thunderstorm slowly rolling in... Here are some of the things fueling my dusty denim colored desires!

slingbacks in flat denim by marais ($85)
vintage rayon tank from young captive ($23)
pixie goes sailing dress from nadinoo (£145)
jasper sunglass in marine slate from Warby Parker ($95)
house by the sea rock collection by Cori Kindred ($32)
butter london nail polish in lady muck ($14)

-Jena from Modish


Callie Grayson said...

Love butter! they have the best colours!!

adore the denim flats

十十f十 said...

i'm liking almost everything!

Color Collective said...

beautiful! those rocks by cori are so lovely!!

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