Thursday, March 24, 2011

Wish list 3.24.11

Love this colorful, abstract bicycle print ($25) from S and S. Found via Where the Lovely Things Are.
An equally colorful dress ($52) from Spool 72. I don't generally like strapless dresses but this one has a removable strap so I'd be willing to give it a whorl!
Dog bowls ($13.59) in my very favorite shade of green? Yes, please! Also available in pretty gingham.
How could you not be in a good mood wearing a necklace like this? Available at Kate Spade ($75).
My love for faux animal heads knows no bounds. This "pack rack" from Poketo ($58) would be perfect for hanging my ever increasing necklace collection.

Any new items on your wish list? Do tell.


enie meenie said...

sooooooo I am pretty much in love with that dress <3 WIN!

S and O said...

I want that cheers necklace :)

design elements said...

i like the dress :-) happy Friday

design elements said...

i like the dress :-) happy Friday said...

My wish list is simple... zig zag slipcover for my living room chair...though I think I just added the cheers necklace too! Happy weekend! -Ann

KC said...

thank you for your always thoughtful comments yesterday. once again, you have forced me to add another grouping of items to my never ending wishlist. that necklace and bicycle print are must haves!

Joseph Flowers said...

Love love love these. You have such great taste!

On my wishlist now are the flower lights over at ModCloth. To die for!

Jennifer Young said...

so in love with your wish list! it bears spring and reminds me of new beginnings! have a great weekend christina!

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