Monday, January 3, 2011

Vintage shopping (in Texas)

If you're ever in Fort Worth, Texas you should definitely visit Bess & Evie's Vintage.   I think you can really tell something about an area by visiting it's vintage and consignment shops, don't you?  This particular shop had an amazing selection of cowboy boots as well as clothing and accessories available at numerous price points so there's something for everyone.  B scored a gorgeous pair of ostrich leather cowboy boots and I bought these items.

B and I are back in Georgia and I'm trying to mentally prepare myself to get back to the work routine.  We had such a good vacation and loved seeing my brother and nephew.  I miss them already.  I know the past few posts have turned D&OC into a personal photo diary, but I'll be getting back to regularly scheduled design posts this afternoon.  How are you doing?  Did you have a good holiday?

images: D&OC


DanielleisNesting said...

What an awesome place!! So neat!

Anonymous said...

Just started following your blog....and I would love love love to find a cute reasonably priced pair of vintage cowboy boots. Maybe the thrill is just in the hunt? I don't know---either way---love this post....and the ruffle in the last pic? Love.


LaShaune said...

If you ever head to Houston, Junque has the best selection of vintage cowboy boots and other "junk".

Marsi @ The Cottage Cheese said...

What a beautiful shop! My parents and sister's family all live just outside of Ft. Worth, so I will definitely have to make a visit to this lovely vintage boutique next time I'm in TX visiting them.

I'm so glad to hear you've had a lovely vacation. Wishing you and B a happy, happy new year! XO, Marsi

Giselle said...

Love to vintage shop! Such a great way to find those fantastically unique items :)

drollgirl said...

YEE HAW! i'd shop here in a heartbeat!!!

so glad you had a nice vacation, and i hope the return to work wasn't tooo difficult!

Melanie's Randomness said...

Oooooo I love the cowboy boots!! I would love to go to a vintage shop in Texas! Looks like tons of fun! =)

Happy New Year!

Melanie's Randomness

Bess & Evie's Vintage said...

It was so great to meet both of you. Hope B enjoys his boots!

Bromeliad said...

My heart races just looking at pictures of thrift stores.

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