Monday, December 13, 2010

Gift Giving: Terrain

heirloom seed collection $24; a pinch of salt $48; nested bowls $68; vintage style $45; Recycled Paper Garland $28; Tagua big necklace $98

Terrain features lots of lovely gifts for the home and garden.  While Terrain has a very pretty physical shop in Glenn Mills, Pennsylvania, the online store offers a nice array of goodies including vintage and handmade items.  If you're looking for gifts for the hard-to-shop for parents, in-laws, homebodies and naturalists, this shop is just what you need.
Speaking of holiday shopping, how's yours coming along?  Many online shops guarantee shipping through Dec 17th but after that, you're going to be paying extra for expedited shipping costs.  The time is upon us friends- better get on it!

p.s. winner of the Native(x) giveaway is #63, Carly!


Cat said...

I would totally love if someone were to give me a bunch of fun seads this Christmas! Hubs and I gardened for the first time this year and fell in love with growning our own veggies! :) Awesome find. Best, Cat

Anonymous said...

Do you have any ideas on decorating for one room apartments?

Down and Out Chic said...

anon- i encourage you to check out the interiors section of the blog:

abby jenkins said...

please forward ALL of those gift suggestions to my husband STAT! brilliant~

Danielle said...

Terrain always has such wonderful little items!


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