Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Guest Post: Where the Lovely Things Are Part II

Hello, hello!  It's Mallory from Where the Lovely Things Are again, and now I have a whole bunch of handmade finds for you to peruse.  I was craving a cupcake and decided to find some goods that have a bit of a pretty-pastry-ish look to them (or are actually cupcakes! non-edible ones that is). Enjoy!

Earrings from Smashing; cupcake stand from Whitney Smith Pottery, garters from SWANclothing; top from Lirola; bag from Tortillagirl; ring from Jaime Jo Fisher.

Print from Eight Hour Day; bear from Ememem; print from IrenaSophia Art Studio; ceramic cupcake from Arthur & Sylvia; necklace from A.Alicia Handmade Accessories; print from The Black Apple; brooch from Tabitha Emma; card from Lizzy Stewart

Belt from Darlingtonia; cupcake container from KG + AB; mug from Sometimes She Does; Stuffed macaron from Handmadelove; shift from Kelsey Genna; earrings from JooJoo Land.


Lindsay @ hlsd said...

This is too cute! And I love the very last pic of the earrings. They're by JooJooLand and I LOVE her stuff :)

Stephanie said...

I LOVE that bag from the top set of photos! Just added Tortillagirl as an Etsy favorite! :-)

Jessica said...

That pink shift is gorgeous!

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