Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Foodie Calendar and a winner

So, as you know, calendars have been blogged about everywhere this season and for good reason. There are so many wonderful options, I've been paralyzed with indecision. I decided that a wall calendar for my office would be my most essential calendar need and I think I finally found the ONE. Yup, the ONE I can commit to for a whole year (which, if you know me, is not an easy venture).
I found this beauty by Claudia Pearson on Poppytalk Handmade and it was love at first site.
B and I have made it a point recently to buy more local food and support our local farmers so this calendar would be a good reminder to myself and anyone who comes into my office that buying local is important!
2010 Poster Calendar $20

Now I just need to decide if I want the poster or the set.
2010 Illustrated Calendar $24

I also adore the other food prints available in the shop.
Food for Thought $15

Buy Local $20

{all images via Claudia Pearson}
How do you support your local economy?
The lucky winner of the Beth Cyr giveaway is...

...#78! That would be Crystal Ball! Congrats! I'll be contacting you shortly. Thank you Beth for such a lovely giveaway! Be sure to check out Beth's shop when you're considering your holiday gifts this year!


Ginger said...

Love it! It took me a while to pick out a 2010 calendar as well, but I finally broke down and bought . . . a Cute Overload calendar. I know: cute over substance, but it was a moment of weakness;)

Erin @ SYL: Slipcover Your Life said...

I love the buy local print... The design and the colors!

Magchunk said...

I think the set is marginally cuter than the poster, just cause you get more detailed drawings! These would be so cute in a kitchen or dining room. Or heck, anywhere really.

Lizzy said...

Congrats to the winner. I don't have a kitchen 2010 calendar yet but I do have my office calendar! Please check out and support Sarah, it is so cute!

thevioletpear said...

Here's another great local wild food calendar with great recipes and art,
I bought it last year and loved it - although it is probably more geared towards the northwest.

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