Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Mirror, mirror, on the wall

"Vanity", "dressing table", whichever you prefer, it's the place some (if not most) of us begin our days. For the new house, I bought a vintage sewing table which will serve as my new dressing table. It's small enough to save space, but big enough (hopefully) to accommodate my hair and makeup routine in the morning. It's girly, but not overly so, which is most important b/c I don't want to over-feminize a bedroom I share w/a male. The dressing table is all mine, though, and I'm happy with my find. Below are some examples of dressing tables I admire.

This is definitely a girly-girl dressing table, but it's romantic and kind of puts me in the mood to dress up.

I could never have this much white w/pets around, but I love the clean look of this space.
This is a warm, inviting space w/mementos and photos of family and friends.
source: Livingetc
Any space will work as long as your comfortable.

This shelf is actually a storage area and table in one. Pretty smart.This dressing table has its very own nook.
source: Apartment Therapy
There's nothing wrong w/a designated space to "freshen up." Besides, aren't we all supposed to be the fairest?


Rachel Follett said...

That first one is gorgeous! I think I may need one of these. :)

kadler said...

Wow, the third one is beautiful. The mirror is just too small! And not enough room for all of my junk :)

P.S. I totally agree about the all-white with pets. Hair everywhere.

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