Friday, February 6, 2009

A little bit of this, a little bit of that

I started this blog in hopes of organizing my scattered thoughts and narrowing down the items I want to spend money on. The goal is that by searching things out, I'll spend less money on purchases I really don't like. So far, I've done really well at not buying anything for the house b/c I think I'm paralyzed by all the things I've found that I like. Here are a few more random items that I think would really add a bit of character to the new space:

Mustache Key Holder $40

Source: The Curiosity Shop

Hookmaker $30

Source: The Curiosity Shop

B and I scoured Target the other day and did not run across these items. We surely would have noted an origami chair:

Blue Dot Real Good Chair $90

Gama-Go Bird Throw Pillow $17.49source:

Wood Lamp $18.99!

source: Delia's

Chirp Pillow $29.95
source: CB2

Brimfield Birdie Lamp Base $42
Source: UO

A little bit of inspiration for the space I want- something comfortable that even the dogs can appreciate.

source: Apartment Therapy


Corie said...

Oooooh How much do I love that Moustache?!

UU said...

i need u to give me some art lessons...i love those things!!!

keith p. rein said...

i have been eyeing that chair for a while now... it ships flat! no room for it until the studio though. get it so i can live through you.

anonymously chic said...

if it goes on sale, i'm there. you could sit it in at dinners at my house!

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