Thursday, February 26, 2009

Flower power hour

I don't know if I'm ready, but I hope you're ready for this season's floral spring trend. Some people hate to wear lots of flower patterns, other love it; I'm kind of in the middle. If I'm going to wear something covered in flowers I prefer that it be structured (no chiffon, please) and paired with neutral accessories. Some of the floral patterns I've run across make me nervous, but since I'm wanting to wear more skirts, I thought I'd post some floral pieces I find bearable. I think w/this trend, it's safe to say, "less is more."
Edgy meets feminine:
Bow Rose Skirt $61
source: Pixie Market
Stylized floral in neutral colors:
Midnight Roses Pencil Skirt $59
source: Ann Taylor Loft
Here's an example of a playful pattern in a classic, structured shape.
Knee length tulip skirt $39 (on sale)
source: Newport News
Retro shape meets a modern color palette.
Retro-Full Skirt $59.50
source: The Limited
So where do you fall on the flower loving spectrum? Are you liking the floral pieces you're seeing in stores or do you wish flower power would stay in the 70's?


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