Friday, February 27, 2009

Aviator wallet

I'm going to start the weekend w/this quirky, chic wallet from Linda's Stuff, a new favorite vintage shop on Ebay (this piece happens to be new). The cheeky bow and the mod aviation pattern are just too a good way. If you get bored this weekend, check this shop's amazingly well organized and has lots of designer named, affordable, pieces. Happy Weekend!

Victor Rolf Leather Red Aviation Wallet $49


Reneé de la Curée said...

Can I please keep you in my closet and have you tell me all the time that I'm not mean.

By the way, I am in LOVE with that wallet!

Design Lovely said...

So cute! Love the bow with the airplanes!

Anonymous said...

love your blog and the wallet :)

Blair said...

Love the mod but feminine feel-very fun! Definitely going to check out the shop--thanks!

Reneé de la Curée said...

Hmmm any specific advice? This man is too beautiful to pass up.

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